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The Caravel Story

Twenty years ago, Michael Jones—Caravel’s founder and CEO—served as Chief Investment Officer for the firm that became Wells Fargo Advisors. In that role, Michael helped design and launch the Envision system.

Envision was the first Monte Carlo goals-based planning system deployed by a major investment firm. Within three years, over 500,000 clients received an Envision financial plan.

Although he is proud of the work he did decades ago, Michael was shocked when his advisor offered him a financial plan built with virtually the same technology he had worked on nearly 20 years ago. The reports and features look a little fancier, but the analytical heart of the major planning systems have remained substantially the same since the early 2000s. It's as if car manufacturers spent twenty years designing better cup holders while ignoring the engine and transmission. Caravel believes it is time you got an upgrade.

CMPAS—our asset allocation and financial planning software—applies cutting edge technology and mass customization concepts to financial planning. CMPAS empowers advisors to optimize investment strategies for the specific life goals of each individual client, and makes this customization efficient and easy to execute across even the largest advisory practices. Designed by financial professionals for financial professionals, CMPAS helps you take your advisory process to the next level.


The Caravel Story

Founded on the belief that everyone deserves a financial plan and investment strategy customized to their specific life goals and tolerance for risk, Caravel Concepts has built tools and techniques that—in the hands of our partner financial advisors—can make that goal a reality.

Since the global financial crisis of 2008, financial advisors have increasingly turned to goals-based planning software to reassure clients that they can survive the next bear market. The top two software providers alone have tens of thousands of advisor clients and provide plans for over $10 trillion in client assets.

Unfortunately, these plans are currently encountering their first extended bear market and some are coming unglued. These plans are breaking down because current software platforms do not provide individualized plans for each client. Existing financial planning software cycles through five or six pre-canned asset allocation strategies, searching for the one that is least bad for the investor.

Investors need and deserve an investment strategy optimized for their specific life goals—where each goal is funded with the appropriate risk investment strategy in the account that provides maximum potential tax benefits. Advisors need this individualized advice to be delivered through software that delivers customized advice with fewer administrative hassles and better risk management than their current investment management process.

Clear. Consistent. Customized.

Caravel Concepts offers solutions at the cutting edge of the financial planning future.

the caravel team

The Caravel Story

Founded on the belief that everyone deserves a seamless turnkey solution between their client's financial plans and their firm's investment strategy, Caravel Concepts has taken our over 30 years of combined investment experience to build the planning and asset allocation software we always wished we had called CMPAS.

CMPAS: Allocation is the first step in our software solution journey.

While there are several tools on the market to build asset allocations, the optimizer strategies are not immediately implementable and often give unusable guidance. Portfolio Managers are also restricted in their asset class selection, analytical insights are limited and their software provides no helpful automations.

CMPAS: Allocation aims to solve all of these problems through a blend of advanced mathematical optimization techniques, the latest in back end infrastructure and computer science techniques, automated notifications and our wide array of portfolio management experience.

Caravel Concepts offers solutions at the cutting edge of the asset allocation future.

the caravel team
Who We Are

Meet Our Amazing Team

The Caravel Concepts team melds their experience and expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit of collaboration and innovation.
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Michael Jones, CFA
Chairman & CEO
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Marc Cheatham
Chief Technology Officer / Chief Information Security Officer
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Sarah R. Tobey
Director of Client Experience
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Jorgen Phillips
System Architecture Contractor
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Deva Meenakshisundaram, CFA, FRM
Quantitative Analytics Contractor
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Vidur Agaram
Junior Developer
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Harrison Jones
Marketing Coordinator
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Alex Cheatham
Caravel Intern
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Aimie Jones
Director of Human Resources
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Karen Plant
Office Manager
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the cmpas advantage for:


We put powerful tools in the hands of financial advisors that allow them to shape each client’s unique financial goals into customized portfolio strategies. Our technology transforms portfolio models into scalable planning solutions optimized for each client’s specific requirements. These tailored solutions differentiate your services from cookie cutter investment products, and help strengthen the bond of trust between you and your clients.

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THE cmpas advantage for:

Portfolio Managers

We offer unprecedented control over every aspect of the investing and planning framework. Customized capital market assumptions and asset allocation strategies give you the power to incorporate your philosophical beliefs regarding market behavior. CMPAS provides analytics and risk modeling on a broad range of asset classes, allowing portfolio managers to maximize potential returns or reduce risk through enhanced portfolio diversification. Modular portfolio building blocks allow for efficient portfolio management and risk monitoring, while also providing for customized investment strategies tailored to the needs of each client. Using both absolute and relative risk metrics, you determine how much risk is built into each investment strategy.

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the cmpas advantage for:


Caravel Concepts does not work directly with individual investors, because we believe they deserve the personalized attention and professional expertise that only a financial advisor can provide. But we serve investors through their financial advisors by allowing them to express and prioritize their life goals during the planning process. Advisors then craft customized portfolio strategies that provide increasing protection from difficult markets for the investor's most important goals.

What is important to us

Our Core Values


The bond of trust between advisors and their clients is THE critical piece of a successful advisory relationship. We understand and embrace our obligation to protect that relationship with disciplined analytics and an unwavering commitment to protecting your clients’ data and their privacy.


Open and honest communication with our clients ensures that everyone involved is an equal partner in success.


Every member of the team plays a valuable role in the development and execution of products and services. We extend that spirit of collaboration to all our client firms, and some of our most powerful features were suggested by partner advisors.


We work tirelessly to provide the highest quality product on the market. Our passion is to help you provide more peace of mind for your clients and to make your investment process a pleasure to execute. We welcome the chance to demonstrate the impact this product will have on your business and the lives of your clients.
A word from the Boss
"Caravel Concepts was formed to help financial professionals provide more fully customized investment advice, empowering advisors to chart a more secure course for their clients’ financial future."
Michael Jones
Chairman & CEO

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