Chairman & CEO

Michael Jones, CFA

Michael Jones is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Caravel Concepts.  As a recognized leader in asset allocation, planning processes, and portfolio construction—and a member of Research Magazine’s ETF Hall of Fame—Michael brings decades of investment experience to his leadership role at Caravel.  Prior to building Caravel, he served as Chief Investment Officer for Wells Fargo Advisors’ predecessor firm (Wheat, First Securities/First Union Securities) and chairman and founding partner at RiverFront Investment Group.

Driven by his conviction that everyone should have the opportunity to plan for the future, Michael created Caravel’s CMPAS software to make cutting edge modeling and portfolio planning tools accessible to everyone. If he wasn’t an investment professional, you’d probably find Michael in front of a classroom; he devotes most of his volunteer time to education and schools, including tutoring math at a local inner city school. He loves nothing more than being part of a “light bulb” moment, whether it comes from a seasoned IT pro coding a complex financial algorithm or a young math student who suddenly “gets” the logic of algebra. 

At the heart of Michael’s passion is his family. He and his wife Aimie work hard to bring their adult children back together frequently and reconnect, no matter how many oceans and time zones may separate them.

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