CMPAS: Allocation

Break Free From
The "Style Box"

CMAPS: Allocation is a portfolio building software that provides precision and control over the most important decision a financial professional can make for their clients. Create tailored allocations that reflect your firms unique strategic outlook.

CMPAS: Allocation

CMPAS Powered by S&P Dow Jones Indices

Caravel Concepts' data relationship with S&P Dow Jones allows us to access and model the full range of S&P indices.

This complete range of asset classes allows financial professionals to breakout of the Style Box and build plans around asset classes that have proven to outperform over the past 25 years.
List of asset classes provided by S&P Dow Jones Indices
CMPAS: Allocation

We Put You in Control

CMPAS: Allocation gives its users a choice between Caravel’s capital market assumptions or the ability to upload your own proprietary CMA modeling framework into our simulation.

We support complete transparency into the simulation results and can provide any reporting requested or required for due diligence or potential regulatory requirements.

You are also in control of which asset classes you want to include as well as defining your ownbenchmarks.
simulation based risk report
CMPAS: Allocation

Efficient Frontier Analysis

Our relationship with S&P allows us to incorporate a larger set of asset classes in our software. We use historical data to calculate risk/return metrics to create an Efficient Frontier Analysis.

With this information, financial professionals can analyze potential under and/or overvalued asset classes and outperforming asset classes not being utilized by their competition.
Efficient frontier analysis
CMPAS: Allocation

Portfolio Optimization

Our optimization engine was built using a blend of advanced mathematical techniques as well as 30 years of portfolio management experience.

CMPAS: Allocation helps financial professionals create implementable potential portfolio allocations using a combination of risk constraints relevant from a Portfolio Manager perspective.
optimization constraints
CMPAS: Allocation

Analytical Reporting

CMPAS: Allocation contains flexible analytical reporting comparing risk/return characteristics for any asset class and/or asset allocations and/or benchmarks.
analytical tools
CMPAS: Allocation

In App Notifications

CMPAS: Allocation is the only software on the market that will send the user automated notifications when monthly simulation data is ready, allowing for financial professionals to perform additional analysis based on current market conditions
CMPAS: Allocation

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